1. Personal Assistant
  • > How does it work?
    Through this service, we offer you the opportunity to chat with an assistant who will gladly help and guide you during your stay in Paris. You will be able to communicate via SMS and ask for advice, reservations, research services and any other information that can improve your trip.

  • > Who is the Personal Assistant?
    This service is offered by a Parisian start-up, Jobbers, which puts at your disposal professionals and english speaking Parisians who know perfectly well the city and who will give you the best possible hints for you to enjoy your stay.

  • > What can I ask the Personal Assistant?
    You can ask your Personal Assistant anything! It can be special hints, orientation tips, booking services, medical services, research services, rare addresses etc… He/she will always be there to help you during the day.

    Examples of what you may want to ask :

    Orientation tips
    “Hi, where can I find a vegetarian food store near my hotel?’’
    “I’m looking for a grocery store near The Louvre’’
    “I’m looking for the closest place to have a brunch from Le Bon Marché’’
    “I’m looking for a romantic place to walk from Bastille, then I need to be near place des Vosges at 12:30 sharp!’’

    Booking services
    “I need a cab from Montparnasse to Opera’’
    “Could you please book a table for 2 at The Jules Vernes Restaurant around 9:00PM’’ (famous restaurant located on the Eiffel Tower)

    Special hints
    “Could I get a FastPass ticket for Le Grand Palais to avoid the queue?’’
    “Can I buy a metro ticket for a whole week? Where?’’
    “Want to have lunch on a nice terrace, budget max 20€/head. What do you suggest?’’
    “Disneyland : better Monday or Tuesday?’’

    Research services
    “A fun english musical in Paris tonight?’’
    “Looking for Louboutin shoes, where to go? Here is a photo of what I’m looking for”
    “Where should I take the Bateau Mouche for a nice tour of Paris on the Seine?”

    Rare addresses
    “Any breathtaking secret places to visit?’’
    “I’d like to go to a private romantic place not far from my hotel’’
    “I’d like to go for a walk in a typical Parisian area’’

    Medical services
    “I need to see a dentist this afternoon, near my hotel’’
    “Which is the closest hospital to the Champs-Elysées?’’

  • > What are the subscription offers?
    By subscribing to this service, you are aloud to an unlimited amount of texts with your Personal Assistant. You may select any offer depending on your stay in Paris : 24h, 48h, 72h etc…

  • > Could there be any extra charges?
    Extra charges will concern the cost of sending an SMS depending on your mobile subscription and all services you wish to purchase, such as paying the taxi, restaurant, museum tickets etc…

  • > Which languages can the Personal Assistant speak?
    An english speaking Personal Assistant will be at your service. He/she will be able to communicate in english with you and speak french for the booking and research services.

  • > How do I get in touch with the Personal Assistant?
    As soon as you arrive at the Airport, you will receive a welcome message by SMS on the phone number you added on the website. If needed, you can send us an e-mail anytime at concierge@jobbers.com

  • > When can I contact the Personal Assistant?
    You can contact the Personal Assistant Service anytime you want! He/she will be at your disposal 24/7.

  • > Is there a hotline? When can I contact the hotline?
    Indeed there is also a hotline service at your disposal (from 9:00AM to 6:00PM working days). If necessary, you can call the following number 01 47 83 58 77 or send an e-mail at concierge@jobbers.com.

  • > Can the subscription be cancelled and reimbursed?
    This service can be cancelled and fully reimbursed an hour before it begins. Once the service starts it cannot be canceled or refunded.

  • 2. Transportation : Airport – Paris
  • > How does it work?
    Through this service, a limousine will be at your disposal once you arrive at the Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and will take you anywhere you wish to go in the Center of Paris going from the 1st District to the 20th.

  • > Where do I meet the driver?
    Once you arrive at Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport, the driver will wait for you at the exit of the baggage claim area. His cell-phone number will be given to you if you need to contact him.

  • > Which languages can the driver speak?
    An english speaking customer service trained driver will be at your service.

  • > How long is the trip?
    The trip will depend on the time distance between the airport and your destination in Paris. On average, the trip is between 1 hour and 1h30min to get to the Center.

  • > How many people can fit in the car?
    The limousine will be able to fit 4 people maximum.

  • > What happens if my flight is delayed? Canceled?
    If your flight is delayed, don’t worry! The driver will wait for you at the airport. If your flight is canceled, please send us an e-mail at the following e-mail address : concierge@jobbers.com

  • > What kind of vehicle?
    The limousine will be a Mercedes S-Class or an equivalent car.

  • > Anything offered in the vehicle?
    Services will be provided in the limousine : Water, Champagne (extra costs), iPad, Magazines and Wi-fi.

  • > Can there be any extra trips?
    This service is reserved for trips from the Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport to the Center of Paris. If you wish to go outside of Paris, such as Disneyland Paris orVersailles, please contact us at concierge@jobbers.com and we will send you an estimate of the trip.

  • > How is the trip back to the airport organized?
    To organize your return trip back to the airport, please contact us at concierge@jobbers.com and we will reserve the limousine for you.

  • > Can trips be cancelled and reimbursed?
    The service can be canceled and fully reimbursed 48h before. Payments will be retained otherwise. Please contact us on time if you change your mind!

  • 3. Tour Guide
  • > How does it work?
    With this service, a personal guide will offer his services and perform a private tour for any place in Paris.

  • > Which languages can the tour guide speak?
    An english speaking tour guide will be at your disposal.

  • > What does the service include?
    The service includes :
    Set up a tour matching your specific request from the list of themes. e.g. Vintage markets, Museums, Gastronomy, Luxury, Antics, Jewelry, Wine, Fashion…
    Access to exclusive shops and conditions, such as : Rebates, Private sales rooms, Access to specific collections…
    Expertise and guidelines in order to improve your shopping experience
    Advisory for buying and shipping

  • > How large can my group be?
    The group can be of maximum 2 adults.

  • > How long can the tour guide offer his services during the day?
    The minimum duration for a reservation is 2 hours and the maximum is 7 hours.

  • > Can I reserve a tour guide any other day during the week?
    Yes, you can always reserve a Tour Guide for another day.

  • > How can I contact the Tour Guide
    Once the online payment is done, your Tour Guide will contact you by e-mail in order to organize the tour and set up the time and place for you to meet.

  • > What do I take in charge?
    As a customer, you will have to take in charge the travel expenses of the tour guide and if needed the “tour guide presentation fees’’ at the entrance of the museums.

  • > How long in advance do I have to reserve a Tour Guide?
    In order to book a private Tour Guide for a specific day it has to be done 48h in advance.

  • > Can I cancel and be reimbursed?
    The service can be canceled and fully reimbursed 48h before. Payments will be retained otherwise. Please contact us on time if you change your mind!

  • 4. Payment Method
  • > Which payment method is used?
    For each service, payments can be done with credit cards via stripe.com, used for all payment transactions today by companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…